A great room for little ones

A new proposal to take ideas and prepare the room for the smallest girls. This time, in this decoration of rooms It has been taken into account to meet the needs of both his first years and the following.

A great room for small-08

It has a beautiful crib, and small corners set for girls to enjoy games and grow little by little in a single room.
There are details in the furniture that are ideal to imitate, such as the kitchen game in wood and tables and chairs along with details in pictures that recall their first moments of life among others.
In another corner, the bed is ready for when the little one leaves the diapers and the crib. In the whole room you feel a very good feeling of harmony and the range of colors chosen is very smooth. No strident or flashy colors ... everything is harmony.

A great room for small-01

A great room for small-02

A great room for small-03

A great room for small-04

A great room for small-05

A great room for small-06

A great room for small-07

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