A gray office, sad and boring?

The Dutch advertising agency Gummo He commissioned the decoration of his premises to the architecture firm, also Dutch, i29, which has based the change on the layout of a textured gray band that runs through the entire office space. Creating a uniformal perspective that unites the different spaces of the office. Even the old furniture was recovered by integrating it into the previous layer of paint.

An office in gray1

Before looking at the details, many and interesting, it is important to observe the superior image that gives us an overview. In fact, this project would not be understood in a work space without being able to visualize it from a certain distance. The gray strip, large and striking, is integrated into a large white space with straight and diaphanous lines. Acts clearly integrating, unifies and uniforms different spaces creating a unity effect.

An office in gray2

A gray office3

Rest areas, waiting rooms and places to disconnect. The gray unifies this hodgepodge of different spaces dedicated to different activities in a way that creates a uniform and coherent set.

A gray office4

A gray office5

The interest of this project lies in two specific points:

- The economy of means, since in a few words it is reduced to the painted in gray of some furniture and its arrangement in a linear way.
- And its visual impact since this intervention, however simple, is enough to completely transform an ordinary office into a striking space.

A gray office6

In short, this decorative project manages to create a comfortable, unified and practical space. The gray / white contrast and the separators at half height manage to join and separate at the same time. The spaces dedicated to different activities are perfectly delimited but united by the color they give a sense of unity.

Photos: conseilsdeco.net

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