A gazebo in the home garden

The "Gazebo" is a hexagonal or circular building that is usually found in gardens or parks and that serves as lookout point. It is a small open structure whose function is to serve as a place of recollection and rest, also in case it rains. In fact, it is believed that his name may come from the English verb "To gaze" ("Look, contemplate"). It was a usual building in the large gardens of the royal and presidential palaces, especially in tropical countries.

A-A gazebo for the garden-01

Having one of these pavilions in the home garden is now a good decorative opportunity. We can find them for affordable prices and with a certain size for more or less small gardens. It is a different and curious proposal, far removed from its original conception as a decorative element for aristocrats and nobles.

A gazebo for the garden-02

A gazebo for the garden-03

It can serve as a recreational corner and serve as a temple to admire the beauty of the garden. Its roofing also allows that, if for example we are giving a party in the garden, the tables are left with food and drink so they are fresher. In addition we can build under that roof a place of rest in the purest style "chill out", deploying hammocks, cushions or mats for the leisure of a weekend in the afternoon.

A gazebo for the garden-04

A gazebo for the garden-05

A gazebo for the garden-06

Photos: yellowpelow.com

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