A fresh decoration for spring

In those places of the world where the first one is already beginning to be announced, everyone begins to prepare. The flowers begin to make presence and everything is filled with light and color. Also in our home we can do the same. Let in the light and the color next to the natural flowers .

Fresh decoration

Let's decorate and renew our home with the spirit of spring. Pastel colors, fresh, pale pinks, very soft turquoise, light blue, white and sands, but most importantly, combine them all with the natural flowers .
A room in pure white, with details of different textures in its fabrics and upholstery next to a romantic table served with a tea to share between two lovers with romantic dishes, natural flowers and sweet pastry and inviting to share.

fresh decoration 2

The wall in front of the staircase that goes to a private and reserved area of ​​the hostess was renovated with a very special wallpaper, in light turquoise colors, with vintage style flower designs next to an old mirror restored from romantic style . The final detail, the fabric bench tone.

fresh decoration 3

natural flowers You can even put in your old wallets that you no longer use and decorate original little corners of your home. You should look for small containers that you can put inside to place the water of the flowers.

fresh decoration 4

And for the dining room, you can also apply some details. In this case, transparent acrylic chairs were acquired, which were made into cushions in fabric that combine pink with a more vibrant turquoise full of flowers. In turn, the natural flowers are again present.
Encourage yourself fresh decoration to receive the spring!
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