A flat with its own charm

The charm of this floor is in the colors that have been added to the decoration by accessories and furniture. The essential base color is white and it is given life with all the other small colors that as a whole transform the decor .

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A department fully illuminated and full of life. Paintings, cushions, furniture, folders, carpets, lamps and others are in charge of applying the color and achieving the perfect balance transforming the space in a 100%. We went from having a monotonous and boring flat to having a unique space, full of life and energy.
Hundreds of ideas we can take from this decor to apply at home. In the kitchen there are several plants that provide the green color of life. The paintings on the walls of the entire house illuminate every corner including the head of the bed in the room.
The white is present not only on the walls but also in the windows and cabinets, achieving a unique harmony. Even the balcony has combined the colors and textures necessary to make this corner a unique place on the floor.

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