A fashion store in Japan with a unique design

Located in the famous district of Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, where there are a large number of boutiques and department stores this fashion store stands out for its simplicity and the great architect behind this transformation. It is a work carried out by Schemata Architects, the studio of Jo Nagasaka, of which we have already presented several works on this page.

Deco Japanese store 1

The truth is that when you know a little about the work of this designer it is easy to recognize his work at first glance. On this occasion what stands out the most is the scaffolding that has been erected at the entrance of the store.

Deco Japanese store 2

The scaffolding is made with fiberglass tubes and natural wood furniture. The industrial air provided by this piece is undeniable. It is also accompanied by accessories in metal cloth and allows to expose clothes in an original way. It also contains testers made with the same wood as the furniture.

Deco Japanese store 3

The store opens completely to the outside thanks to large windows that allow you to see the inside of the store completely.

Deco Japanese store 4

Deco Japanese store 5

A bare concrete pillar has been left to create that contrate that this designer likes so much. Of course, in the decoration of this shop we can find many of the details that identify Jo Nagasaka.

Deco Japanese store 6

Deco Japanese store 7

The ceiling in the part of the entrance is very high and at the bottom of the store two heights have been created. In this way, clothing styles are clearly separated.

Deco Japanese store 8

Deco Japanese store 9

Deco Japanese store 10

On the upper floor, the store exhibits sports clothes and footwear in a clearly industrial environment with metal accessories and exposed roof with all the ducts it has attached. And as the author's final signature, the wooden benches treated with colored resin, the unmistakable product of Jo Nagasaka.

Photos: designboom.com

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