A dresser in the dining room

This piece of furniture has been a basic component of the dining room for a very long time and although at some times it may have diminished its presence in the dining rooms, it has never left them completely. A sideboard, apart from its intrinsic beauty as furniture, has a very interesting practical side. In the dining room the star furniture, the one that occupies the most and the most functional is the table, this is obvious. But the dresser stands as a fundamental component of the whole.

Have a dresser in the dining room 1

The chairs have their function well defined but the sideboard stands as the first auxiliary dining room. When the table can not cover everything, when having too many things on the table would be a nuisance and an excess, the dresser becomes the ideal companion. On the sideboard we can have from non-essential food supplements to a full buffet. Drinks, desserts, second courses go by the sideboard before the table, the sideboard is the first receiver and the first assistant of the table.

Have a dresser in the dining room 2

But in itself can also become a stellar piece of the dining room, a beautiful sideboard with history can even impose itself in terms of aesthetic value on any other furniture in the dining room. And we have not yet talked about its functionality as storage furniture, tablecloths, napkins, decorative accessories, cutlery and a long etcetera can be stored on the sideboard to have them well at hand when we can specify them at any meal. With an elegant sideboard we can transform our dining room into an important piece for the reception and entertainment of our friends, family and anyone that we invite to eat at our house.

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