A double-height loft in an industrial space

The charm of this two-story loft lies in the use of a space of industrial design as a home. The double height allows more sensitive rooms to be located in a more withdrawn area, such as the bedroom and the bathroom, as well as taking advantage of the entrance of light through an area of ​​exterior and interior glazing, illuminating the whole house in such a natural way.

Industrial style loft 1

The industrial details can be seen in the metal structure of the staircase that connects both floors, as well as other wall details. With a simple and semi rustic decoration where white takes center stage, on the ground floor we find that the living room, dining room and kitchen are connected by a common space, while the upper part is more delimited.

Industrial style loft 2

Industrial style loft 3

This second floor, by its own abalconada structure, has a small viewpoint. The small outdoor garden is also exquisite, and gives the whole an air of cottage that the other decorative accessories such as plants and wooden chairs are responsible for enhancing.

Industrial style loft 4

Interior detail of the kitchen, which is located in the center of the loft itself:

Industrial style loft 5

Industrial style loft 6

Photos: stylelovely.com

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