A dinner for Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day and it's time to finalize the details around that special dinner that you plan to prepare. The color red and pink, candles and hearts are some of the most used icons, and here we bring them, how could it be less. All these gestures will help you create the atmosphere necessary for an intimate and romantic celebration, in style.

Ideas for Valentine 1

To achieve a spectacular table, we suggest you use the tablecloth specially designed for this day, or choose a white tablecloth, the perfect contrast for the intensity of red. On this piece, dare with table centerpieces made with many small details: dishes surrounded by rose petals, wreaths of flowers in the shape of a heart, a combination of fabric flowers and authentic flowers ... And do not miss the candles, allies indispensable for a dim lighting.

Ideas for Valentine 2

Ideas for Valentine 3

Ideas for Valentine 4

A measured arrangement of these elements on the table and in other places of the dining room will achieve the necessary visibility to help you build the perfect setting for this magical night. But above all, look for simplicity and forget about overcharging. Always remember that, in decoration, many times "less is more" and happy night!

Ideas for Valentine 5

Ideas for Valentine 6

Photos: hogartotal.com; decoraciondelacasa.blogspot.com; interiorismos.com.

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