A different way to introduce color in an environment

Lately people are a little desperate with the ways of introducing color in neutral environments. As we have said on other occasions, it seems that the empire of extreme minimalism is reeling. People want color and joy in their home and among the many ways to introduce color in a neutral environment has caught my attention that I present. It is a form if not original, at least curious. It is not original because this resource has been used in decoration for a long time although lately it had been in disuse.

Enter color in the rooms 1

This method consists of painting the doorway with a contrasting color. It is also possible to paint the baseboard of the room in the same color and thus achieve an easy and economical way to improve the general decoration of a room without great effort or presumptuous.

Enter color in rooms 2

If the doorway is wide enough, you can paint everything in the same color, creating a stronger visual impact. It will be necessary to place some complements in the room that combine with that color and thus we will obtain a greater harmony.

Enter color in rooms 3

Of course there are more options, higher cost but also more impact, this time we can see a doorway covered in gold-plated glass. It provides a luxurious appearance for a quality environment.

Enter color in rooms 4

Enter color in rooms 5

But it is not necessary to spend a lot as you can see, we can achieve the effect only with a little paint and a few ideas to achieve that great change in our decoration. As they say "within reach of any economy", a little taste and well combine colors is the only essential to use this decorative technique.

Photos: remodelista.com

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