A design bookcase with a staircase

Among the latest trends in decoration and interior design, one of the aspects that are gaining more followers are the multifunction furniture . We refer to those surprising furniture that combine usability with ingenuity and that are presented in some quite original ways.

Design shelf with staircase 1

Many design firms are committed to this new concept and include in their catalogs daring and risky creations, designed for urban and modern homes, but also for anyone who wants to introduce something special in their home environments. The proposal that we present today is this special library in the shape of a staircase.

Design shelf with stairs 2

It has been designed by the designers of the New York firm Workstead with the purpose of incorporating a practical sense of decoration to any space in the home. As we see, it is made up of numerous shelves with enough capacity and a superimposed long staircase that can be placed under some loft or open roof of the house. Really ingenious and useful, but also has a fairly light surface that allows it to fit into any wall of the house. It is a very dynamic and imaginative piece of furniture, with a minimalist layout and a light but striking design. A perfect piece of furniture for the upper floors of the house, to reach the most remote rooftops.

Design shelf with ladder 3

Photos: desiretoinspire.net

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