A decoration in full color

In a bare 70 square meter apartment located on the top floor of a Haussmann-style building, that French prefect who modernized the urban style at the time of the Emperor Napoleon III, between 1852 and 1870. It is therefore a stately and historic building of the that abound in the central districts of Paris. The vitalist decoration is a reflection of its inhabitants, the designer Élise Fouin and her husband Benjamin Girard . Both are passionate about design and color and this is demonstrated by the decoration of their Parisian apartment.

Colorful deco 1

The eclecticism prevails in the design of this apartment, all the solutions have been very thoughtful and have not focused on fixed ideas. Designs of various professionals and even department stores, many sources to create a totally personalized space.

Colorful deco 2

The hall with its padded walls is tremendously original, the notes of color soften somewhat the disturbing aspect that this piece offers.

Colorful deco 3

Colorful deco 4

The library-dining room is an original space, it is impossible to detail all the charming pieces, both production of the owner and other colleagues. The touches of color bring great vitality to the environment.

Colorful deco 5

In the bedroom the wall on which the bed rests has been transformed into a large headboard and point of attraction thanks to that colorful geometric design.

Colorful deco 6

The kitchen is shocking with that blue wall that separates it from the room of the couple's young son. Of course, this designer and her husband are great lovers of color, a trend that has more and more followers.

Photos: marieclairemaison.com

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