A curious garden apartment

Seeing the first picture of this article we could think that they have taken the armchair to the garden, a lush garden by the way, but not though it seems incredible is the other way around. They have put the garden in in the living room. Keep reading and you will unravel the mystery of this beautiful photograph.

Apartment with garden 1

You will also find out who the incredible realization of this vertical garden has been. All a work of art of vertical gardening.

Apartment with garden 2

This wonderful living room is the heart and soul of an apartment located in Paris, France. A magnificent apartment that its owners wanted to equip with a vertical garden to cover one of the enormous walls, the height of the living room is of enormous proportions. And of course for such a great work the owners of the house turned to the greatest, Patrick Blanc, the most recognized expert in the art of designing vertical gardens. Patrick Blanc has works all over the world, and when we say the whole world, it is impossible to list all the cities on the planet that have vertical gardens created by him.

Apartment with garden 3

On the opposite wall contrasts the so cozy nudity where the three bare trunks located in the corner and the soft light of the skylight attract attention.

Apartment with garden 4

Skylight located at the top, in a small gallery that does not have its own vegetation. A cozy space full of green that seems to be the obsession of the inhabitants of the house.

Apartment with garden 5

A luxury that surely will not be available to anyone but we can all imagine a torrid summer afternoon relieved by the natural freshness of this immensely green wall.

Photos: yellowtrace.com.au

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