A cube to live

On some other occasion we have already talked about solutions similar to the one we present on this occasion. It is about solving several needs with a single piece of furniture of large dimensions that can cover from some of the basic needs of a person in a house to contain all the elements necessary for daily life. On this occasion the German designer based in Bern, Switzerland, Till Koenneker , I needed a module that solved the storage problem.

Multifunction cube 1

Storage is the Achilles heel of all small houses. So the designer needed a solution that allowed gather and organize all your things . Books, records, audiovisual equipment, clothes, shoes are thus perfectly organized. And inside the module there is enough space to keep storing things.

Multifunction cube 2

Multi-function cube 3

The module designed by Till himself was built by Remo Zimmerli, an artisan carpenter who belongs to a group called Schreinerei Holzlabor , also based in Bern. They have returned to the craft concept of carpentry.

Multifunction cube 4

Multifunction cube 5

The module has a metal ladder to access the upper part where a mattress has been arranged that can be used as much as bed for guests as a relaxation and rest area .

Multifunction cube 6

You can access the inside of the module, completely hollow, through a door. The module offers inside a huge space that can be used to store a large number of objects. It could also be given other uses according to the needs of each user, from a dressing room to a hidden office or even a bathroom. The possibilities of adaptability are endless .

Photos: design-milk.com

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