A cozy apartment in Moscow

East small apartment of only 67 square meters is located in the heart of Moscow and its reform was entrusted to the decoration studio Odnushechka . Perhaps what is most attractive about this apartment is its livability and the comfort and warmth that it transmits. Is a decor credible, normal as we could have any of us in our house.

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The main challenge for the designers was to get rid of the corridors and organize a day area, leaving the studio and the bedroom as private areas apart. Given the small size of the apartment it was necessary to visually enlarge the space and a way to do it was to unite in a common area the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.

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The decor The apartment is a compendium of styles that lead to a pure eclecticism. There is rustic furniture, such as the dining table and chairs. Nordic style furniture like that of the living room and the kitchen itself. Plus a classic-cut glass cabinet. The lamps in the copper dining area contrast with the floor lamp in modern style and with the small halogen spotlights embedded in the ceiling.

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The bedroom follows the same ethnic-rustic line, so the bed is made of wood, the radiators have been covered with a wooden lattice and the trunk at the foot of the bed also in wood. All this added to the light wood floor creates a very warm and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

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The bathroom follows the style of the house and the furniture is also made of wood. The walls and floor of the bathroom have a microcement coating that gives it an original and particular appearance. Tiles have been avoided throughout the house. In the kitchen area the front of it has also been made with microcement.

Department of cozy decoration 9

Department of cozy decoration 10

The study, the only private area next to the bedroom is structured from the large window under which the work table has been arranged. On one side there is a sofa escorted by two small cupboards and on the other a large wooden shelf colonial style .

Photos: homedsgn.com

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