A couple of simple ideas to decorate Christmas

Most people live in limited spaces, only some privileged live in spacious homes where they can place any extra object without any problem. When the Christmas we have to do juggling and topographic studies of high complexity to see where we plant the Christmas tree . In addition other circumstances, when you have young children at home is a nuisance to put the tree loaded with eye-catching and attractive bright objects that the little ones are crazy to tear and take to the mouth. Here we show you a couple of simple but very original and decorative ideas so that the Christmas decoration be simpler, do not occupy space and be safe for the kids of the house.

Ideas for Christmas 1

If you are the lucky owner of a wall painted with slate paint, bingo! Here you have a fantastic option to have a Christmas tree of only two dimensions. Painted with chalk on the wall of slate this tree decorates as the most, it is simple, safe and if it breaks it has easy repair, redraw it.

Ideas for Christmas 2

The drawing of Christmas tree It was copied from a printed fabric with said motive. Obviously, you can choose the tree that you like the most. You just have to look for tree drawings and copy them.

Ideas for Christmas 3

This was done only with white chalk, the truth is that white is very good on black, very modern and current. But you could add some color with colored chalk and if your children are already a few years old you can involve them in the preparation and painting of the family tree.

Ideas for Christmas 4

Ideas for Christmas 5

In this arrangement they made sure that the furniture in the living room is smooth to hang a whole series of Christmas decorations made by hand in previous seasons. The ornaments were distributed following a pyramid pattern so that they took the form of a Christmas tree . Small perchitas with suction cup that adhere very well to the surface of the furniture were used.

Ideas for Christmas 6

Another small tree made of ornaments was hung in another door of the furniture. As you can see, they are simple decorations, easy to make and above all taking advantage of the particular circumstances of each home and the objects that we already have, although we have not used them normally for these purposes. Imagination!

Photos: aleggup.com

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