A cottage style house

Today we bring you high quality photographs of a home style Cottage . A mix of rustic with modern and touches romantics . The ideal of a country house on the outskirts of the city ... a small paradise where you can breathe a bit of fresh air and tranquility.
Do you want to accompany me through the corridors of this beautiful house ...? Open your eyes wide and take paper and pen to write down all the inspiration you are about to see!

A cottage style house

This is the first thing we see when entering, wood predominates. Look at the detail of the antique wooden furniture and its floors ... simply beautiful.

A cottage style house 1

The dining room, a perfect harmony in the decoration. The detail of the vintage chandelier, the natural flowers on the table and the contrast of the rustic details of its walls make it a completely cozy place.

A cottage style house 2

Another view of the beautiful dining room.

A cottage style house 3

The kitchen, with this bacha stone combined with brown tiles, curtains in the bajomesada and the rustic details of repairs on the wall, all in a good harmony achieving a striking decoration.

A cottage style house 4

Salon, the first time you see him invite you to read a good book, share a glass of wine as a couple and a lively conversation with friends. The armchairs combine and create a nice atmosphere in that special the raw color is at the end of the room on the right, an original and unique model.

A cottage style house 5

The hall has everything a space like that should have. The stone wall hits the view when entering.

A cottage style house 6

Have you ever seen this? Simply beautiful and charming.

A cottage style house 7

The luxury of small details.

A cottage style house 8

Romantic stairs, with a very romantic natural flowers detail too.

A house style Cottage 9

Bedroom, pure simplicity with details and white color as a base.

A cottage style house 10

The master bedroom, with its cottage style details very marked.

A cottage style house 11

What a beautiful bathroom, beautiful bathtub, do not you think?

A cottage style house 12

A very elegant toilet.

A cottage style house 13

Another one of the bathrooms.

A cottage style house 14

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