A contemporary house in Canada

The architect Randy Bens He designed this family home that not only stands out for its clean design and very attractive to the eye but also for its perfect integration into the environment. The Saint James residence, which is the name of the house, is located west of Vancouver, Canada.


The floor of the house is H-shaped on the ground floor and thus integrates with the front and rear gardens. The upper floor rises in the center of the H that forms the ground floor. The architect thus achieves that the volume of the house is lighter.


The house has a north-south orientation that is clearly reflected in the two gardens that the house has on both sides. The garden of the north face has a more rich aspect in moss and in turn the one of the south face is more sunny.


The exterior of the house plays with cement and wood that perfectly combine. The paved patio is a good way to enjoy this fantastic exterior.


The house in the interior follows the pattern that we have already seen abroad. Open spaces and that eclectic air with clear winks to the golden age of American design of the 50s of the last century.


In the gardens we have to highlight the contrasts of the stones and the slabs with the grass and vegetation. The combination of inert materials with live plants is a way to highlight the color of the latter.



The distribution of the pieces of the house is clearly one of your best assets. On the ground floor are all common areas and service and the first floor is reserved for bedrooms.

Photos: freshome.com

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