A concrete house on the banks of the Ebro

Alcolea + Tárrago Arquitectos have designed the design of this house located in Sesma, Navarra, Spain. This population is located in the region of the Ribera Alta, the climate here is of harsh winters and harsh summers. Almost a continental climate with very little annual rainfall. It is a small town of just over a thousand inhabitants and this construction dedicated to being the usual home of a couple with two young children has become a wake-up call.

Concrete house 1

An exclamation between the classic daily life that surrounds it. The space in this part of the country is not a big problem and housing enjoys a generous space so that its inhabitants can live and develop. The choice of the study by the owners was based primarily on the quality / price ratio. It was about getting the most amount of space with the least budget and with the addition of working on a terrain with a steep slope.

Concrete house 2

In addition another of the requirements of the owners was that the construction was entrusted to local builders. The house and the annex garage are located in the highest part of the plot, the rest of the more uneven terrain has been left for use as a garden and orchard. The house is built in exposed concrete where the framework marked by the slatted formwork stands out. This drawing of concrete gives it a more traditional character and recalls the appearance of wooden houses in northern Europe or the United States.

Concrete house 3

The simplicity of the materials, cement and wood, give a modern look to this house located in a traditional village in the north of Spain. The spaciousness and open areas of the interior of the house provide that modernity that was sought while also giving it that aspect of a practical and livable house.

Concrete house 4

The architects have intensively worked the volumes and the materials as well as the relationship between the interior and the exterior of the house. A house made to live in a rural environment of peace and tranquility but without giving up the decorative and design innovations.

Concrete house 5

In the interior the white color occupies all the walls and ceiling facilitating the reflection of the light that enters through the large windows. The interior floor is made of microcement forming a continuation of the exterior. No need to live in Tribeca to live immersed in the most modern modernity.

Photos: homeadore.com

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