A concrete and wood house in India

We are facing an enviable holiday home located in the coastal town of La Dune located in South India. It is the refuge that Niels and his wife Malavika Shivakumar have commissioned to disconnect together with their children from urban life. They live in Puducherry, a city located in the south of India and where famous people like Sri Aurobindo and M. Night Shyamalan, screenwriter and film director, author of well-known films like The Sixth Sense, The Protected, Signs and The forest.


The first thing that strikes us is the profuse use that has been made of concrete or concrete, the whole house is finished in this material that is combined with the use of recovered woods. Amplitude and freshness are the sensations transmitted by any of the images we accompany, thick walls to protect from the warm environment of South India.


You feel that freshness that these cement floors must transmit and the aroma of all that exotic wood with which the furniture and doors of the whole house have been built.


The small kitchen retractable thanks to the large wooden panels is next to the dining table.


In any room, also in this small dining room, we have huge windows that allow the entrance of the exterior light.


This charming desk is located in the main room and stands out for that original chair that resembles those of a barber.


Here we have another room that follows the usual scheme of housing, minimalism in one of its clearest and clearest versions.


The simplicity and possible coldness of the concrete or concrete is acclimatized enough with the warmth of the wood used in the decoration of the different rooms.


From the outside we can admire the cubic shape of the house, a hymn to the most puritanical simplicity following the latest dictates of interior design.

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