A comic book decoration

The comics they are part of our life. They have been present in our childhood and at different times of our lives and are part of the popular culture that surrounds us. Therefore, it is not strange that they are also very topical when it comes to decorating homes, or that they appear to be covering furniture in a very special and genuine way, with comic vignettes or comics for all ages.

Decorating with comics 1

The characters of comic they materialize in different ways and camouflage themselves among the furniture of our house, becoming protagonists of a different, more personal style, with pop and vintage echoes. We started with some very special decorative screens of Corto Maltés, the famous Italian adventurer.

Decorating with comics 2

Decorating with comics 3

Children will enjoy the beautiful with a room captained by their favorite superheroes. Quilts, cabinets, shelves, rugs and other Superman or Batman accessories for a fantasy world and games.

Decorating with comics 4

We can illustrate a wall for lovers of comics with covers of the adventures of our favorite superheroes, as the owners of this small loft have done. There is also a whole world of retro accessories created especially for more fetish palates: paintings, crockery, alarm clocks, ashtrays ... and lampshades like these that we see below.

Decorating with comics 5

Decorating with comics 6

If we want to give our furniture an incredible look, we can cover it with comics. It is the last shout in furniture recycling. It will give them a totally new and fascinating look, very fashionable among lovers and collectors of extravagant and unique pop items.

Decorating with comics 7

Decorating with comics 8

A comic book decoration

Decorating with comics 9

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