A colorful and eclectic apartment in London

The decorations of type eclectic they lean on the mix of styles and, often, on the mix of colors. This is how the interior designers and decorators of this apartment located in London , furnished with great pleasure thanks to the abundance of different color tones and stylistic details .

Eclectic decoration 1

The confluence of styles is another of the strengths of this beautiful home, whose base in white highlights with great strength and brightness the colorful details used.

Eclectic decoration 2

Eclectic decoration 3

Pastel blue sofas, chairs in yellow, table lamps and red cushions, metal furniture ... Every place in this house seems to have its own style and to be recreated in it, so that when changing rooms we enter a new world.

Eclectic decoration 4

With certain artistic touches, the house presents an eclecticism that goes from the modernity of its living room or the retro black and white air of its kitchen to the beautiful rustic-industrial dining room.

Eclectic decoration 5

Eclectic decoration 6

A house where every detail fulfills its function and where color becomes so rich and expressive that it conquers the second. Fascinating colors like those used to decorate the bedrooms with small details, from the bedding to the stylized drawings of the sheets and paper that furnish the walls.

Eclectic decoration 7

Eclectic decoration 8

Neither the exterior of this house has been left to chance: there awaits us a wonderful and sunny terrace with wooden furniture and floral details. A bohemian air permeates the beauty of this space. We are facing an ideal home for those who know how to enjoy with all the charm of the eclectic.

Eclectic decoration 9

Photos: design-remont.info

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