A colorful and dynamic bedroom with IKEA

The renovation of our bedroom does not necessarily have to be expensive and difficult. The great Swedish company of the distribution of furniture, accessories and auxiliary elements related to decoration, IKEA, allows us to achieve this fantastic, modern and bright bedroom with its products.


The design is clear and clean, where light has a very important weight. Specifically the natural light that is abundant because of the huge window and the sets of curtains and panels that allow to adjust the natural luminosity to the taste of the user. But the thing is not there, the designer has also provided three points of artificial light. A minimalist lamp composed of a large number of small luminaries and hanging on the bed. On both sides, on the tables the corresponding reading lights.


The star component of the decoration is the huge wardrobe of sliding doors. Although it occupies the entire wall at the foot of the bed is not oppressive, the white color and once again the good use of lighting composed of a line of recessed spotlights make the volume barely impact the environment.


The wardrobe is a very well designed design exercise that allows, in addition to its normal storage capacity, to install a television that will be hidden when sliding the door.


The drawers are very practical and the drawers incorporate separations to facilitate organization.


The bed is also a storage space in its lower part because it is equipped with several large drawers to store quilts, quilts and pillows. An elegant and practical bed at the same time.



In these two images we can see in more detail the lamps that will create different environments depending on the degree of light we want to have at any time.


We also see here the various accessories that have the window to graduate the light, louvered blind, Japanese panel and a classic curtain. An original overlay that thanks to its light colors are low impact and very useful.


A fresh, elegant bedroom and to which we can add all the color we want with the use of our favorite textiles.

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