A collection of mutant sofas

Originality and comfort is what the collection suggests " Mutation ", Composed mainly of sofas y chairs , and made by the Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer . A totally innovative and avant-garde concept of comfort that breaks with the usual to endow these pieces with a unique halo, like sculptures.

Modern sofas 1

They were presented at the Milan Furniture Fair in April of last year, where they caused an impact between collectors and lovers of the most innovative interior design, although in principle it is not expected that they will be marketed, which would be a pity, because sitting in one of these seats must be a experience.

Modern sofas 2

These sofas and puffs So personal have been created from bubbles of foam and have a velvety touch that elevates the word comfort to higher levels. Each piece is also unique in the world, made in a different color, most electric tones.

Modern sofas 3

Modern sofas

Its author gave this series the name of "Mutation" ("Mutation") because of the similarity that these pieces have with the multiple forms adopted by some mutant organisms such as viruses or cells. In any case, what is clear is that the interior design and design of appliances are more alive than ever.

Modern sofas 5

Photos: compradiccion.com.

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