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The hall, as its name suggests, is the place where we receive people who come to our home. Be these known, friends and family, or not. This piece of the home has the great responsibility to act as a representative of the whole house but it is also the first place we see when we arrive at it and then acts as a lock or decompression chamber between the outside world and our particular world.

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These two aspects must be taken into account when we want to decorate our hall. Both are equally important because logically we want to give a good image of our house and ourselves and we also love it, when we return home, open the door and feel immediately immersed in a pleasant family atmosphere.

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Another facet and no less important than those previously mentioned is the practical aspect of the receiver. When we get home we need to unload many things, warm clothes, footwear and the objects that we carry daily. And we need for it some organizational or storage system that helps us keep all those objects that we only use when leaving home.

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And when we think about organizing the hall, some of us dream of a spacious built-in wardrobe next to the entrance door to the house, but it is not always possible. Neither is essential as you can see in the images that we accompany, all the solutions have been made with few furniture and with much ingenuity.

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The hall must be a living space and we must not fall into excessive formalism. On the contrary, it should be cozy and warm, that makes us feel at home as soon as we cross the threshold of the door.

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