A coffee with history

Only in a city like London, with all its glorious past and with the restlessness and enterprising spirit that still characterizes it today, can a café like this one be found. The Attendant is an elegant café where you can recover your strength with its extensive menu of sandwiches, cakes and coffee. The place where it is located is really curious, some old public urinals dating from the Victorian era.

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The urinals were built in 1890 and were in service until the 60's of last century. After being closed almost fifty years, they were renovated and suitable for a new use as a cafeteria. The Victorian lattice of the entrance has been preserved as is, as well as a large part of the interiors, especially the old ceramic urinals, the tiles that cover the walls and the floor.

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The old ceramic urinals are the originals of Doulton & Co from 1890, now converted into an original bar where customers can sit on industrial-style green stools for refreshments. The stools are specifically the model H of Tolix, this stool was designed by the French Xavier Pauchard fits perfectly with the decor of the establishment.

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It has remained until the old cistern of the old urinals. Being a space located below the street level, its lighting is totally artificial, a varied selection of small lamps, wall lamps and classic Edison style bulbs that fit perfectly in this environment.

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The old office of the "attendant", responsible for the old urinals has been converted into a small kitchen where the different specialties offered by this unique and characteristic establishment are located in the area of ​​Fitzrovia, a classic and elegant district of Victorian London.

Photos: treehugger.com

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