A clean, modern and bright office

This renovation designed by the architect Michaël Menuet transformed this office located in Marseille in an open space environment, but with individualized work positions. The materials used for the remodeling are simple and clear lines. Above all highlights the use of natural woods in light colors.

Modern office 1

The light colors of the wood, both on the floor and on the ceiling as well as on the desks fill almost the entire space. The rest is occupied by all the white color sprinkled by a few notes of green in some furniture and accessories. With this use of neutral tones a relaxed and very luminous work space is achieved.

Modern office 2

The single space does not prevent each worker from having their privacy assured. The work places are delimited by vertical panels that ensure privacy without isolating the workers, who can carry out their work in a unique space that encourages camaraderie.

Modern office 3

Between the work area and the meeting room is a small kitchen where workers can prepare a coffee or a small snack.

Modern office 4

The small meeting room is decorated in the general style of the office. Only the Eames chairs in green make the difference. The ceiling of wooden boards helps with its design to ensure that sound transmission occurs correctly without reverberations. At the same time it feels natural and hides the always horrible fluorescent tubes.

Modern office 5

Modern office 6

Modern office 7

A very pleasant place to work where the light and purity of the lines create a very interesting work environment. Each work station has a large storage space integrated into the decoration set.

Modern office 8

Modern office 9

Modern office 10

Do not forget that a good work environment helps improve productivity and with the design of this office the architect has met that goal.

Photos: design-milk.com

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