A Christmas in pink

We are just a few days away from starting to decorate our home to prepare for the Christmas and the end of the year parties. Many of you, like me, are probably already thinking and have even bought some new things to add to what we have at home. But what about the idea of ​​giving a big change and encouraging new combinations of colors to get out of the classic red and green? It would be a complete novelty and it would not only surprise you but also all those who visit your home. Today's proposal is about having a Christmas decoration in pink , with white details. It is a romantic and original idea and with many possibilities.

Christmas in pink 2

The combination with white gives the perfect balance, and we can use it not only in the Christmas decorations of the tree but also in all kinds of decorative accessories either for the kitchen, rooms, hall or the outside of our home. If you live in areas where there is snow for Christmas, this proposal will be more prominent.

In this post you will find all kinds of ideas to have a pink and white Christmas. Ornaments, papers, textiles with a romantic, vintage and modern touch. A great combination of styles that we can introduce to any decoration.

We have prepared a good selection of ideas in different shades of pink, a combination of styles and a wide variety of options so that you can choose the one you like the most and be encouraged to try this new Christmas decorative idea. Let's encourage pink and white!

Christmas in pink 1

Christmas in pink 3

Christmas in pink 4

Christmas in pink 5

Christmas in pink 6

Christmas in pink 7

Christmas in pink 8

Christmas in pink 9

Christmas in pink 10

Christmas in pink 11

Christmas in pink 12

Christmas in pink 13

Christmas in pink 14

Christmas in pink 15

Christmas in pink 16

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