A chalet in the Swiss Alps

When you hear the words Swiss Alps, you can imagine the great snow-capped mountains, the fantastic ski slopes, and when you hear the chalet you can imagine a repairing fire that relieves you of the cold in the snow. Yes, all this is true, but it is also true that summer comes every year to those high lands and you can enjoy a completely different environment. Overlooking that summer tourism, which does not always look for the classic scorching beach, an initiative of Montagne Alternative it was proposed to rebuild old barns to turn them into these beautiful Swiss chalets where to enjoy a cool summer at almost 1500 meters of altitude.

Chalet style in the Swiss Alps 1

Commeire is a small village in the commune of Orsières in French-speaking Switzerland. There are currently only 21 people living there and once, until the Second World War, no more than 60 people lived. Montaigne Alternative It is a hotel company that acquired these old granaries and commissioned its restoration to the Swiss architect Patrick Devanthéry .

Stylish chalet in the Swiss Alps 2

The architect has maintained the structure of the old barns and has reconditioned the interiors to turn them into real Swiss chalets. In the interior the wood that covers floors and walls predominates. Large glass windows have been added so that guests can enjoy the wonderful views offered by these lands.

Chalet style in the Swiss Alps 3

Old wood and young wood combine with great aesthetic effect. Comfort without forgetting the tradition and vintage flavor of these typically Alpine buildings.

Stylish chalet in the Swiss Alps 4

Warm and comfortable spaces that make the most of space. Natural light penetrates through the new windows to try to balance the interior with the exterior and make these old constructions for agricultural use more livable.

Stylish chalet in the Swiss Alps 5

But without forgetting its past, always present in the great old beams carved by hand by the old owners. Some windows have a framework of old tables to remember the old uses of these renovated chalets.

Stylish chalet in the Swiss Alps 7

In the area of ​​the home, granite tiles have been used to protect the wood that covers the interior of the houses.

Stylish chalet in the Swiss Alps 9

A real dream to wake up seeing those clouds that have dropped to the level of your window. A summer in the Alps can be a great experience for anyone.

Photos: myscandinavianhomeblogspot.com.es

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