A cabin on the top of the mountain

Posada on the top of a mountain this cabin designed by Casey Brown, an architect specialized in the design of rural cabins, was a little whim of its owner. A way to maintain a permanent camp on this watchtower from which to explore kilometers and kilometers of landscape.

Cabin in the mountain 1

The cabin is located in Mudgee, New South Wales, far away in Australia. In an immense farm dedicated to the breeding of sheep, this construction is a small but miraculous refuge within that immensity of land. Due to the ruggedness of the land, the cabin was built far from here, then he lived an adventurous journey until he reached his final destination.

Cabin in the mountain 2

Of only 3 m x 3 m of floor and with a total of 18 square meters of living space, this construction consists of two floors where one or two people can temporarily live. Its interior has the essential services and an iron stove, completely essential to withstand the harsh winter of the mountain. Completely covered with copper plates, its sandwich-paneled structure allows some interior insulation. Three of the sides have mobile panels that allow the cabin to open to the outside and take advantage of mountain breezes in the warm summer.

Cabin on the mountain 3

Likewise, when closing all the panels the tower is transformed into a capsule that can isolate you from the storms and blizzards and the fires that sometimes strike these almost wild lands. It is equipped with a cistern in the back that takes advantage of the rainwater and even nearby has a rustic toilet also made with wood covered with copper plate as the cabin.

Photos: archdaily.com

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