A cabin on the beach

In Australia the summer has started, people go to the beach to spend their days enjoying nature. Here in the antipodes we can only find the warmth of home and dream seeing images as fabulous as those we bring you today of this wonderful Beach house . This "little" cabin is a luxury summer house. But as it happens many times in these idyllic places, one does not know very well where the beauty is, inside or outside the house because the landscape is impressive.

Cabin on the beach 1

Located at the eastern end of Australia, in the resort town of the famous, Byron Bay. This house is owned by the Arnott family, the owners of a well-known brand of Australian biscuits. The locals know it as "The White House", this "cabin" can be rented for the nice amount of € 11,000 a week. And if we want to buy it, it is ours for € 4,700,000. But seeing the images of the house will not cost us a penny, so let's go there.

Cabin on the beach 2

Cabin on the beach 3

Cabin on the beach 4

The interior of the house is decorated in modern style, white covers it all, dotted only with some details in black. The touch of contrasting color is provided by the windows that open onto the green of the vegetation and the changing blue of the sea.

Cabin on the beach 5

No, it's not a poster or a 90-inch screen, it's reality. I think this is the most valuable thing in the house, this incredible view of the beach takes most of the amount that the house costs.

Cabin on the beach 6

Cabin on the beach 7

Cabin on the beach 8

Cabin on the beach 9

Cabin on the beach 10

The large open space on the ground floor brings together all the elements to enjoy the house. Living room, dining room and kitchen form a unique space that is also open to the outside. Everything gathered so that life on the beach is comfortable and pleasant.

Cabin on the beach 11

Cabin on the beach 12

Cabin on the beach 13

Outside there are numerous spaces to sunbathe and enjoy the good temperatures. A dream place to spend a Christmas vacation.

Via: desiretoinspire.net

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