A beautiful holiday home in the Mediterranean

This beautiful and charming country house shows us once again that the tourist destinations in Spain are not only at the beach. Located in a mountainous environment, this luxurious holiday home combines all the wealth of the typical mediterranean decoration with exquisite touches of Maghrebi decoration.


Rural tourism already has a long journey in Spain but with examples like this one can predict a great success. It will never be a mass tourism like the typical sun and beach but there is of course enough market for quality rural tourism. This traditional house located in a paradisiacal enclave tells us about the history and culture of this land visited by countless towns. Here the Maghrebi style is not exotic but a simple look back in time or across the Strait of Gibraltar.


A beautiful terrace allows to enjoy comfortably and sheltered from the strong sun of the breeze that we assume will run between these high mountains.



The colors tell us about the earth, the sky and the sea; a cage, windows of Maghrebi style and that clear and clean blue that unites the ends of the two neighboring continents, Europe and Africa.



The patio has several levels and we can rest peacefully in the beautiful wicker furniture or take a dip in the pool admiring the fantastic landscape that surrounds the house.



Decorated with extreme care, both inside and outside, there is no lack of detail to create a Mediterranean atmosphere one hundred percent.




The house has a traditional design with many large windows to take advantage of every breath of breeze in the warm Mediterranean summers. The interior decoration of the house is elegant and functional.


The entrance door and the hall are already a good example of the care and love with which this delicious holiday home has been decorated.



The bedroom follows the general pattern of the decoration of the rest of the house but has a privileged situation from which to enjoy the most of the views and the fresh breeze of the mountains.

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