A beach house to rest in style

The desire for summer and vacations, the heat, the sea and the "dolce far niente" by the pool are felt. These images that we bring you are from a beach house in Mallorca, that divine island where the Mediterranean becomes a sea of ​​other times, clean, fresh and crystalline. Castiguémonos with them or travel with the imagination, everything will depend on the attitude we adopt to his vision.

Beach house 1

I prefer to travel with imagination and enjoy the freshness and charm of this house with so much style. Neutral tones, natural raw materials and delicious touches of blue that connect the interior of the house with the sea that is at its doors and that even looks inside through the windows.

Beach house 2

The esparto carpet is a decorative and practical element that is also repeated in the bedroom. Fresh, natural and useful to take off your shoes and let her massage her feet when walking on it.

Beach house 3

Nature, art and tradition all just enter the house in this spectacular distributor that does not need much to be great with that window to the sea.

Beach house 4

The kitchen as it should be, practical, modern, straight lines and easy to clean. In gray color so as not to get out of the norm of the decoration of the house.

Beach house 5

In a corner of the living room there is a dining area next to a huge window that overlooks the garden and the sea as we have seen before. It is a delight to have breakfast there every morning while watching that sea, a relaxing and vitalizing vision at the same time.

Beach house 6

Beach house 7

The bedroom also has a window to the outside, through which the light of the Mediterranean can awaken each morning its clear clarity. The marble bathroom is concise but you do not need more, a shower and enjoy.

Beach house 8

The porch of the house is very well adapted to the characteristics of the house, offers a space of rélax and comfort to be fresh but without being disturbed by the winds of the island.

Beach house 9

Beach house 10

And the highlight of the holiday home is this beautiful pool overlooking the sea. A jewel that anyone would want to be able to enjoy sometime in life.

Photos: new-style.micasarevista.com

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