A bathtub just for them

There are designers who, when making their creations of clothes, furniture and accessories, only think about them, the protagonists ... the women.

A bathtub only for them-1

The exclusive designs are totally different and fully attractive. But many times they leave us with their mouths open. Such is the case of this bathtub ... just for them, guys!
A very particular Sicis design. Bright, sexy and glamorous! Only for women and in the shape of a delicate high-heeled shoe. Packed with gleams that are very small glass tiles, they are less than one tenth of an inch each, and their place of birth: the beautiful Italy.
No doubt this "bath-shoe" is ideal for the woman who loves high heels and with a very personal style.

A bathtub only for them-2

A bathtub only for them-3

A bathtub only for them-4

Source: furniturestoreblog

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