A bathroom inspired by nature

Creativity when designing new scenarios for the home is a rising value. Proof of this is this bathroom whose decoration is inspired by the nature . The elements that compose it and the colors used (mainly green) have been chosen expressly to create this special and captivating atmosphere.

Natural-inspired bathroom 01

In the part of the shower there is a small platform in light wood with access steps. This is one of the stellar pieces of the design. To cover the walls of this area we have chosen a mosaic tile in shades of beige and mottled green reminiscent of the undergrowth of the jungle itself and the earth. This is also helped by the vegetation distributed throughout the bathroom, which creates a lush climate very much in tune with the proposal. In the sink area, white has been chosen: a pair of stylized design containers and a table in this color as support work as a counterpoint to green. White brings light and beauty and green freshness and well-being. Another aspect that must be highlighted is the lighting through spotlights, which enhances the spaces.

Natural inspired bathroom 02

Natural inspired bathroom 03

Other complements that we can introduce to create such a natural atmosphere in the bathroom are the wicker baskets to store towels and beauty supplies, and small furniture or shelves in light wood. They will bring simplicity to the whole in a style halfway between the most sumptuous design and the greenest philosophy of life.

Natural-inspired bathroom 04

Natural-inspired bathroom 05

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