A bathroom at the back of the room

This curious, original and innovative bathroom is located in one of the rooms of a three-storey house, Haus W, designed by Ian Shaw Architekten. This architectural firm that works in both Frankfurt and London has made important public and private buildings in different parts of Great Britain and Germany.

Bathroom at the back of room 1

In particular, Haus W is a construction based on parallelepipeds where volumes and light play a predominant role. The purity of the lines, almost monastic, is reinforced by the play of light and shadows generated by the different openings to the exterior that the house possesses.

Bathroom at the back of room 2

In this room, completely open to the outside on one of its sides, the bathroom has been installed at the back, white and separated only by a glass panel. It has a large skylight that brings light to the space and allows the room to be a living space with the passage of the sun.

Bathroom at the back of room 3

It's a luxury to be able to shower or wash in this bathroom under the sunlight or bathed in the soft light of the stars. A simple and simple space, pure and without complications.

Bathroom at the back of room 4

Bathroom at the back of room 5

The Ian Shaw Architekten studio always prefers the simplicity of straight lines and its creations take into account mainly straight lines and volumes. This room is a characteristic example of its architecture. The dramatic contrast of the lights and shadows that are created from the large skylight of the bathroom gives a special character to the construction.

Bathroom at the back of room 6

The views from the room are panoramic, the outer wall is all glass and allows a clear view of the landscape. The Haus W is a good example of what modern architecture can offer us.

Photos: archinect.com

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