A barn transformed into a modern and stylish residence

When looking at this residence, imagine an old barn is very difficult. But it is so, this modern residence with a mixture of styles in your decor It has been a barn.

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Its owners acquired and decided to transform it. It is located on a large lot in the rural area of ​​Connecticut, United States. And it was the architectural firm Groves Russell that transformed it so that it had all the comforts that its owners wanted the residence to offer them.
The mixture of wooden roofs Rustic style furniture and modern give this home a climate that when entering one feels like in home .
The old wooden ceilings and the planked floors were completely restored with all the necessary care to preserve them in their original condition.
The refined, modern furniture and fabrics with thick textures were the ones that achieved the perfect balance in all their environments.
But not only have the interiors been redesigned and renovated, but the exteriors have also been taken into account when renovating.
A large swimming pool was planned and installed, all the exterior details of this barn were restored and objects of style were added, country style to complete the visual of it.
Another of the surprising details of this decor It is the fireplace. The steel surrounding the chimney was prepared by a special oxidation process to darken the metal and achieve a lovely patina of copper color in some places and jet black in the others.
The kitchen cabinets were painted in a soft shade of grayish green and on one of the walls there are small mosaics that combine this range of colors.
This transformation and its decor is incredible!

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