A bar like a train

At first glance the restaurant The Passenger , recently opened in the neighborhood of Malasaña in Madrid, Spain, is presented as an establishment decorated in retro style with intensive use of leather, brass and dark wood. However there is a different shade, reproduces all the aspect of a restaurant car of the trains of yesteryear.

Bar set as train 1

During the day it acts as a cafeteria and at night it becomes a cocktail bar. The bulky club-style armchairs, the legs of the iron tables, the large windows take us back to a time when heads of state and big businessmen often traveled with their wives and servants, occupying entire wagons and dining in the luxurious wagons. restaurant that rivaled the best known establishments of the time.

Bar set as train 2

But the real star of the bar is the illusion of movement that is obtained through the three "windows" of the main living room. Which are actually video screens in which a constant stream of synchronized video is programmed to flow from one window to another, creating the feeling of sitting next to the window of a moving train.

Bar set as train 3

The video artist Franger has been commissioned to create this sense of movement. The images of the urban scenes and the natural landscapes were recorded from real trains from all over the world.

Bar set as train 4

Designed by Parolio, the long and narrow space of the premises was fundamental for the recreation of a classic train. In keeping with the classic rock music that sounds at night, the main hall of the restaurant is decorated with images of the greatest classic rock stars, pictures of trains and railway stations. The owners of The Passenger are young Spanish actors Rodrigo Taramona and Jimmy Castro and businessmen Miguel Pemán and Carlos Carrillo.

Photos: thecoolhunter.net

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