A 5 star hotel built with containers

This curious hotel is built with transport containers, 35 of them have used Tonghe Shanzhi Landscape Design to create this five-star hotel. The Xiang Xiang Pray House is located in Nan Dazhan Cun, China. It is not surprising that a hotel with containers has been built in China, as it is the country with the largest maritime container traffic. 165 million containers per year pass through its ports.

Hotel with containers 1

This original and ecological method of construction has saved 30% of waste compared to a current construction. The savings in water and concrete compared to a typical construction has been 60%. In addition to reducing the environmental impact the containers are painted with water-based paint.

Hotel with containers 2

It has 21 rooms, the hotel also has a lobby, restaurant, gardens and meeting rooms. Guests can choose between two room types, the ones made with a container and the larger ones made with two containers. The interiors are finished with walls painted in bluish gray, recessed lights, tiled floors and wooden furniture.

Hotel with containers 3

Each container-room occupies a small plot covered with grass. The different rooms are connected by tiled paths, both with each other and with the reception, the cafeteria and other parts of the hotel.

Hotel with containers 4

Hotel with containers 5

Hotel with 6 containers

Above we see the cafeteria and in the photos below, the space for events and meetings, furnished with tables for the celebration of the tea ceremony.

Hotel with containers 7

Hotel with containers 8

The double room has a skylight on the roof of the container to admire the night sky. The wood finishes are made in traditional Chinese style but with great modern and international inspiration.

Hotel with containers 9

A curious resource used in the construction of this hotel, although it is not the only hotel in the world made with transport containers. The Bayside Marina Hotel designed by Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects, in Yokahama, Japan, is also built with transport containers but in this case stacked two by two.

Via: interiorholic

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