9 ways to decorate with gold

If you have moved away from the color gold because you think it is very bold or you are afraid of mixing metallic colors in your home, it is time to think again. The decoration with metallic colors, especially gold, is fashionable and is very simple to add. If you want know how to decorate with gold , keep reading.

9 ways to decorate with gold

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We love this change of look in the bathroom, from the classic sink to the golden mirror. Choose an aerosol paint that works on metals and transforms the ugly pipes into elegant pipes .

9 ways to decorate with gold 1

This bookshelf seems to have cost a million dollars, but I can assure you that its value does not even reach 100 and, in addition, has been purchased at a second-hand goods store. To make it look pretty, you just have to paint it with golden spray.

9 ways to decorate with gold 2

Who knew that cardboard could be so attractive? If you're not ready to commit to a bookshelf, this golden bookend is useful and charming.

9 ways to decorate with gold 3

This frame is worthy of a princess. Dip a cheap frame in golden paint and add a little golden glitter if you wish.

9 ways to decorate with gold 4

The bedroom fixture is one of the most important elements and we love those rooms that dare to be different like this one in black and gold. Paint a standard ceiling lamp with gold spray.

9 ways to decorate with gold 5

Currently, almost all well decorated homes have a bar cart. Although there is a trolley for all tastes, this golden trolley does not cease to dazzle us. Add a piece of fake marble (better known as contact paper) and this cart will appear to have left a luxury hotel.

9 ways to decorate with gold 6

Are not you ready to have a golden furniture ? Stick an adhesive to a glass vase and it will look super elegant like this one.

9 ways to decorate with gold 7

If you have never thought of Use golden accessories in your bathroom , this will change your opinion. This impressive bathroom looks extremely elegant with gold accents. Although this color combines well with any tone, we love how it looks with the classic black and white.

9 ways to decorate with gold 8

These stunning golden stools are an excellent alternative to chrome or aluminum and are an intelligent way to prevent a white space from feeling antiseptic. If you can not find golden stools, try painting a few metal stools with gold spray paint.

9 ways to decorate with gold 9

What do you think of these ways to decorate with gold ?

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