9 spectacular outdoor water walls

The water walls are a decorative solution to which it can be used both indoors and outdoors, although due to space the larger ones are usually used outdoors. They are a gift for the senses, They provide movement, light and sound to any garden, terrace or patio whatever its dimensions. We show you nine examples below and as you will see there are varied solutions for any decorative style.

Walls of water for exterior 1

The minimalist design water walls are those formed by a glass screen on which the water slides. All the walls of water are equipped with a system of circulation of the water by means of a pump with which we do not have to worry about the consumption of this precious good.

Walls of water for exterior 2

If we prefer more naturalistic environments we can opt for water walls on a stone background and integrate them into a fountain to have the effect of a true water garden.

Walls of water for exterior 3

As we see there are solutions and designs for all circumstances. A very original solution is the one we see in this image, the water wall is integrated into the glass wall of the house. It allows us to enjoy a relaxing vision even when we are inside the house.

Walls of water for exterior 4

If you do not have much space or the budget is small, we should not worry, there are water walls of all sizes and as we can see they are easy to integrate in any garden.

Outdoor water walls 5

Outdoor water walls 6

If we like the sound of water we can choose water walls with waterfall effect, in these the water instead of sliding smoothly down the wall falls at a certain angle which enhances the sound of falling water. It is a very pleasant and relaxing feeling.

Outdoor water walls 7

Walls of water for exterior 8

Walls of water for exterior 9

There are solutions with this fantastic decorative element for any size, style and budget. The water in movement recreates a magical environment that awakens atavistic sensations for the human being.

Photos: furniturezz

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