9 original ideas to store shoes

Store and organize shoes can be a problem, especially when you have no space in the closet. With these 9 original ideas to store shoes you can free space for other things in your closet and with some of them you can display your best shoes to decorate your dressing room or even your room.

Shoe storage 1

There are projects for all tastes, from the most sophisticated and elegant to simple and basic. Some will require you to buy some furniture and others will allow you to recycle old objects instead. Some are easy to make and others will need expert hands.

Shoe storage 2

Open shelves with your most elegant shoes are a good option to decorate your room. An idea that in principle may seem somewhat shocking but keep in mind that good shoes are a work of art.

Shoe storage 3

Sure you have a mirror in your dresser or in your room, how about hanging some pairs on top?

Shoe storage 4

On the other hand, if it is simple, natural and you have an ecological vein you can opt to give them a new use to some old wooden crates. A little hand of paint, some screws and you'll have a fantastic place to store your shoes.

Shoe storage 5

This staircase keeps some secrets, a couple of generous drawers in which you can store a lot of shoes. It is an important project that will require the guidance of a good professional.

Shoe storage 6

This idea, on the other hand, only requires the right material, some shoe supports that are usually included in wardrobes and dressing rooms but that you can hang in some corner of your room. And if you do not want them to be in view, there is no more to add a curtain.

Shoe storage 7

The classic shoe cabinet is not a very original idea but of course it is practical. In this case the originality can be reserved for the choice of furniture in question because the range is wide.

Shoe storage 8

This normal and current shelving becomes an original and decorative idea if we use the same boxes for all the shoes. And to locate the pair you are looking for, put a picture of the shoe on the front of the box.

Shoe storage 9

Decorative stairs can also be used to organize and display your shoes, especially those with high heels that will easily catch on the steps.

Shoe storage 10

This bed made with wooden pallets allows to have a large storage area for shoes, sandals, slippers and any other type of footwear.

Photos: Pinterest.com

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