9 original decoration details

Lovers of the decor , always seek to innovate and achieve original details that distinguish them. That is why today we propose to introduce you 9 original details that you can apply at home.
Daring, innovative and out of the ordinary of what we usually present in Guide to Decorate . Each of the options has its own style and no doubt denote the personality of its authors.

Decoration details

The bathroom mirror fixed to the ceiling. As unusual as original

Original Decoration Details

Original Decoration Details - Option 1

Suspended rattan armchair, also fixed to the ceiling. To put together that corner of reading and rest that we need so much.

Original detail to show off with the decoration

Original Decoration Details - Option 2

A surfboard transformed into the living room table. Did they invite you to tea?

Original details to renew the decoration

Original Decoration Details - Option 3

In this staircase they decided to place a thick rope of those used to tie large ships as handrails. Original, right?

Details to show off with the decoration

Original Decoration Details - Option 4

No common and traditional coat hangers to hang clothes and bags in the room. In this house they decided on the mannequins ... what do you think?

Different details for decoration

Original Decoration Details - Option 5

In the cabinets of this kitchen, instead of painting or placing glasses, what better than the mirrors. They give sensation of amplitude and grant a very particular style.

Different details for the decoration of the kitchen

Original Decoration Details - Option 6

A spider that in addition to giving light, is used as an ad panel. It can be used to hold notes, lists, directions, sketches, and even a hat.

Original detail to decorate your room

Original Decoration Details - Option 7

To place our LED TV better than to reuse a French oak trestle with wheels as support for it.

Detail for your dining room

Original Decoration Details - Option 8

To decorate the roof of our work corner, a canoe and a pair of oars are ideal to give our ceiling a different style.

Detail for decorative lighting

Original Decoration Details - Option 9

Which one do you like most ???
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