9 lamps that complement a perfect decoration

We all know the importance of lighting in all decoration. Whether we start from scratch or if we are facing a remodeling we must always be very aware of the correct choice of the main lamp of a room. The lamps hung on the ceiling of a room are by force a very visible element that can round off the finish of the work carried out as destroying it completely. We will see nine examples of lamps that complement the decoration of the rooms in which they are located.

Design lamps 1

This beautiful space is a good example of what we are talking about. The magnificent lamp fits perfectly with the rest of the decoration and style chosen. Metal and glass are elements present in all the chosen furniture.

Design lamps 2

Here the classic and sober brass lamps combine perfectly with the table, chairs and floor, creating a point of union between the bottom of the dining room, so warm, and the walls and ceiling painted in white.

Design lamps 3

Dark wood floor, transparent table and chairs, huge luminous windows and white walls. We need a lamp that generates a good contrast so that it is not lost among so many pieces of furniture, a lamp with personality.

Design lamps 4

It is evident, there are no words, the choice of a Moroccan style lamp was inevitable to top the charm and the exoticism of this living room.

Design lamps 5

The fifties are very well represented in this decoration, the dresser, the coffee table and to finish off a beautiful lamp in the shape of elegant and sophisticated pamela of the time.

Design lamps 6

A low ceiling with a lot of personality requires a small but elegant and original lamp so that it does not excessively attract attention or steal that space that is missing in the room.

Design lamps 7

In this eclectic environment with a certain air of hunting lodge, this recreation of a classic circular lamp is a very good choice.

Design lamps 8

A bright, elegant and modern environment with sophistication and a good number of decorative elements requires an original lamp that does not have a crushing presence.

Design lamps 9

A blank kitchen with stainless steel appliances, aluminum navy chairs and industrial style lamps with the same shade display. Here, as is clearly seen, the contrast element is the classic wooden table that combines with the floor.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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