9 ideas to decorate walls with what you have at home

Many times the budget to decorate the walls is not very high. With these 9 ideas to decorate walls with what you have you can do it without hardly spending anything. This way you can concentrate the expense on other necessities and needs. It is about reviewing all those things that we are accumulating or collecting and that can go very well to decorate a wall.


This ethnic-style lobby is perfect with a wall full of woven baskets and trays. In combination with the rugs they are perfect.


This striking picture is simply a framed Hermes handkerchief. A good idea for those scarves and handkerchiefs that we usually keep and almost never wear.


These four hats are enough decoration for this wall. Surely in any closet there is more.


Old dishes, unpaired or collected in different trips can be used to decorate the breakfast area of ​​the kitchen.


That carpet you bought on the last trip and you never knew where to put it. Of course it will seem different to you.


This fantastic collection of old trays certainly looks better on the wall than hidden in the closet.


The maps are very decorative, especially the old ones, and are very easy to find in any old bookstore or antique shop.


Framing objects related to your hobbies or your work can be a good idea. It does not need to be something as fantastic as this, Frank Lloyd Wright's original plans, but it can be your guide.


Sometimes you just need to go out to the garden or take a walk in the countryside. The leaves of plants and trees dried and mounted on paper will decorate our house with its original designs.

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