9 ideas for play spaces under the stairs

These incredible proposals are based on the idea of ​​making the most of space. And what better idea than to organize a space for the children of the house where they can play with tranquility, without restricting leisure only to their bedrooms.

Games under the stairs 1

If you have a house of various heights, surely you will have a hole next to the stairs or below them. The truth is that this may be the best place to locate a playground for your children.

Games under the stairs 2

There we can create the house of your dreams to keep your toys and belongings with the security that they will not walk on the floor of other rooms and we will trip over them.

Games under the stairs 3

Games under the stairs 4

Decorating this space with care for our children we can create fantasy-filled universes where they do not miss anything, from a kitchen to a small craft workshop. These play spaces can be accompanied by tables and chairs to make them comfortable, a sofa-bed to watch TV and even treasure trunks to store their toys.

Games under the stairs 5

Games under the stairs 6

Surely the kids love and are very grateful to have this space for their leisure afternoons, where they can play with their siblings or friends in a fully decorated environment for their use and enjoyment.

Games under the stairs 7

Games under the stairs 8

Do not miss drawings on the walls, blackboards to write or draw, seesaws and, ultimately, everything you need to spend the best moments of recreation also at home.

Games under the stairs 9

Photos: kidsomania.com

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