9 decorative tips for small houses

A small house entails limitations of both living space and decorative solutions. You can not apply any decorative idea just because you like it, because you love its aesthetic, you should always keep in mind the limitations of the interior space of your home.

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Of course, the space available that should never limit creativity, on the contrary we must be more ingenious to find solutions that increase the beauty of the house while making our lives easier.

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The light is a very important factor to take into account in a house of small dimensions, we will not have all the sources of external light that we would like therefore we must squeeze the ones we have. One way to increase the brightness inside a small home is with a correct use of color. Light colors, especially white, are essential so that the light that penetrates the house is reflected in the most efficient way.

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The sofa It is an essential piece in every home, be it big or small, but in a small house we will have to adapt it to the free space. Sometimes opting for armless armchairs will be a smart way to have comfortable seats that take up less space.

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The hallways They should contribute something to the house and for this it is interesting to decorate them properly. In this we see how the light of the window has been used to decorate that area with pictures and photographs.

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The use of colors complementary gives coherence to the set and the repetition of tones will give a sense of depth.

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Take advantage of well-lit spaces to create a rest and leisure area, the bench at the foot of the window, which can also be used as storage space.

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Whenever you can choose to give different uses to the furniture, this sideboard is for its originality a decorative element also highlighted by the objects placed on it but it is still a storage unit and as such we should take advantage of it.

Small houses advice 8

In smaller rooms such as bathrooms will be essential a thoughtful use of color, the great asset when producing a sense of spaciousness.

Small houses advice 9

For low beds is a fantastic idea to replace the classic bedside tables for a trunk, we will have the same use but with greater capacity and even more decorative.

Small houses advice 10

Customize something as simple as a stairs It can cause a great visual impact. In a small house you should not miss any opportunity to increase its attractiveness.

Photos: casasugar.com

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