8 types of floors to decorate your home

The type of coating we choose for the floor of our house depends entirely on our taste. So there are those who prefer that the whole house has the same type of coating and there are people who prefer different types of floor according to the special characteristics of the rooms of the house. We are going to make a small tour of eight types of covering that we can choose to cover the floor of our home.

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The bamboo It is a revolution in recent years, it fulfills the same function as a wooden floor. Its design, drawing and colors have grown exponentially and we can find many of them. Bamboo is a sustainable element because its cultivation is much faster than that of trees. As in the case of wooden floors, we will try to keep it away from the damp rooms of the house, bathroom and kitchen.

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Floors of wood with the finish of recovered woods. It sounds convoluted but we know that today technology is capable of everything, so these floors are made with the look and patina of old woods. The advantages they bring are their lower price compared to the wood actually recovered and a better capacity to withstand wet environments.

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The Ceramic tiles for floor covering have been growing over the years. We have gone from the typical old tiles of 30 cm x 30 cm to pieces two or three times larger. They are more elegant but also heavier and difficult to work.

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Another material that is making an important hole in this field is the cork . Play with the advantage of sustainability, lightness, smoothness and new technologies that give it numerous finishes.

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The vinyl It is not what it used to be, the new vinyl floors reproduce to perfection the best of other materials such as wood, tiles, stones, etc ... but without any of its drawbacks. Durable, economical and easy to maintain are an option to consider in any room, especially in the kitchen or bathroom for its resistance to moisture.

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The carpets and rugs They are an interesting choice loaded with elegance and sophistication. In addition here also the technology has done its work appearing new types of carpets that every time more resemble the carpets with patterns and changes of color in its elaboration.

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We all know the advantages of wooden floors , a classic in some countries and a luxury in others. The woods are blamed for their lack of sustainability, that trees take many years to grow and do not grow as many as they cut. This is not true at all, we should be interested in the origin of wood if we really care about the environmental issue. In many northern European countries, in North America and many others, forest regulations require a high rate of replacement when felling trees.

Types of flats 8

The concrete floors They are among the last to arrive on the scene thanks to a series of new treatments that allow stunning finishes for their beauty and elegance. If you have never seen one of these modern concrete floors you can not imagine it, they do not look like the typical concrete you know. Color, softness, design, a series of qualities that allow floors as beautiful as they are eternal.

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