8 tips to improve the cleanliness and organization of your kitchen

The order is the first requirement of cleanliness, no room seems clean if we have things messy and this requirement is more important if it fits in the kitchen. The kitchen is the space of the house intended to prepare the meals we eat but it is also a family reunion space and it must be pleasant to be in it. We will see 8 ideas or tips that will help you to feel more at ease in your beloved kitchen.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 1

1.- Change the plastic, paper and cardboard containers for hermetic glass jars.

Whether you have the kitchen cabinets, or the pantry, in plain sight or not, this idea will help you order your pantry. With the glass jars, a greater sense of space is achieved and the content is easily visualized. You will have your pantry neat, beautiful and also you will know with a simple glance what you need.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 2

2.- Organize the cutlery drawer.

The drawer of cutlery and small kitchen utensils can be a real chaos. It is essential to use some organization system that allows us to have all these small objects organized. We will save time, money and quality of life. Since that is mainly when we talk about order in the house, get a better quality of life.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 3

3.- Reorganize the space under the sink.

Maybe it's the kitchen space that ends up being more chaotic normally. The closet under the sink ends up being a place where we either leave the garbage or store cleaning products indiscriminately. We dedicate it to one function or another or to a different one, we must equip it with the precise elements so that the use of space is as reasonable and comfortable as possible.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 4

4.- Take advantage of the walls.

We can not always have all the cupboards that we would like in our kitchen, so if you need more space make the most of the walls to hang pots and pans and the utensils that you think are most beautiful.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 5

5.- Install supports for pot lids and casseroles.

This simple complement is the most practical. The covers are always difficult to store and end up taking up a lot of space. With these simple supports that can be installed in the pantry or even behind the doors of the cabinets we will have the covers arranged and located.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 6

6.- Get rid of the unnecessary.

It may sound a bit drastic but it really is that way. How many times do we keep small appliances and other kitchen utensils that we do not use at all for years in our kitchen? Many, we have all sinned in this sense, so the best thing to order your kitchen is to get rid of everything you do not use more or less frequently.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 7

7.- Organize following a strategy of use.

In the kitchen various tasks are carried out and what interests us is to organize the utensils and accessories following that scheme. So we will group these utensils according to the use we give them in each task. We usually prepare the food in the same place on the counter because there we should have the knives and the containers and spices that we usually use. In the sink we will have all the necessary elements for cleaning close by. With this scheme of distribution by tasks we will avoid unnecessary displacements through the kitchen.

Organization and cleaning kitchen 8

8.- Reserve a space for cookbooks.

But a small space, we all know that although we like cooking books a lot we actually end up using very few. And that's what it's about having those few well-organized and when some do not use it in a long time we remove it and leave space for new acquisitions.

Photos: thekitchn.com

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