8 stylish fireplaces

In the northern hemisphere the summer heat is coming to an end, autumn is imposed and people are going to want to enjoy their warm home when the harsh winter arrives. It is already appealing, at least in areas where it is very hot in summer, a little cool. The images that we bring you are sure to inspire your desire for a sofa and blanket. There are eight wonderful chimneys of houses to which more luxurious, unattainable some and others a little more affordable but inspiring all.

Ideas of chimneys 1

Beautiful this fantastic fireplace and its surroundings. Its lucky owner is Patrick Dempsey, the attractive actor in Gray's Anatomy. It is located in his house in Malibu that was designed by the great architect Frank Gehry. Older words as we see.

Ideas of chimneys 2

Classicism and modernity in perfect combination are the main feature of this fireplace. So much elegance and style could not be more than the great designer Giorgio Armani in his Swiss chalet.

Ideas of chimneys 3

A classic fireplace embedded in a beautiful boiserie not less classic in its design, the color brings the modern touch to the set. This fireplace is located in the Los Angeles house of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady.

Ideas of chimneys 4

In the townhouse that singer Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have in London, we can find this fireplace. Classicism and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. Modern art on classic wood panels but with a touch of modernity thanks to its light color.

Ideas of chimneys 5

M. Night Shyamalan is a well-known film writer and screenwriter, author of such emblematic works as The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Protected. In your native Pennsylvania enjoy this fantastic fireplace located in the bathroom. A true oriental luxury for an artist whose roots come from India.

Ideas of chimneys 6

Another wonder, chimney and vision to the outside, one of the most spectacular combinations that can be given. On this occasion the lucky one is the singer John Legend and his family in the house they own in Los Angeles.

Ideas of chimneys 7

But the chimney can also be found outside as in this example. This house belongs to Cindy Crawford and is located in Baja California, Mexico.

Ideas of chimneys 8

And near the previous one is the house of George Clooney that also has a fireplace in an interior courtyard.

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